wants to tell your 

(and give you a chance to be a part of our art exhibit and coffee table book.)

well-loved dog's story!  

Dogs of The QC 

BlueSky Photo Artists Presents:  

An underweight lab eating from a dumpster.

A pit bull puppy running down a 2-lane highway.

And, a golden-eyed boxer saved from a high-kill shelter. (who became our final ’foster fail.’ ) 

This is our pack.

A mix of magic and mayhem. Hilarity and heartbreak.  

They give us a wild ride full of so. much. unconditional. love. (and…a full house! Quite literally) 

This..is how Dogs of the QC came to be.

(This art project will result in a coffee table book and exhibit showcasing Charlotte’s premiere (and supremely loved!) pooches with donations being made to Carolina Big Hearts Big Barks.)  

As dog lovers, die-hard rescuers and advocates (who happen to be professional photographers) : we had no more room to foster or adopt.  

THIS is our way to give back: telling the stories of Charlotte’s most well-loved dogs via words and photographs in our art exhibit and coffee table project benefitting area dog rescue.

….we cannot wait to tell your fur babies’s story.

Have your people
call our people!

Apply below!

(If accepted, your people will be agreeing to a $49 donation fee with 100% of the proceeds being donated to (3) local Charlotte Dog Rescues and ‘model release’ of your pupper to be included in the project) 

Your people will receive your donation invoice and once paid-we begin the pre-session calls to get to know you/your people and select your location/date/time for your session

Come on in to our Plaza Midwood gallery/studio to view your amazing photographs!

(Your people will be able to order any prints or art of your session should they wish to create art of their own between now and the exhibit/art book publication. Note: there is no obligation to purchase anything…but you will most likely want to;-))

Know you are loved and adored and …soon-to-be-famous! (and feel like a total bada@@ for donating to a great cause.)  

STEP 1: APPLY below

STEP 2: pay $49 

STEP 3: come in

STEP 4: you are awesome

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